The Jones Agency believes that you must tell your story. Your story becomes more powerful when the press tells your story with you. Press has become a broken industry that over promises & under delivers. 

Our team of writers, journalists and PR specialists help create a viral story that the media can’t stop talking about. When the press tells your story for you, you build the ultimate credibility through positioning, awareness, search presence (SEO) and brand exposure.

Our previous placements include Forbes, INC, Entrepreneur, USA Today, Business Insider, Mens Journal, Tech Crunch, Mens Health, Glamour, Influencive, Success, LA Weekly, Print Magazines, TV appearances & hundreds of other publications.

A Few Previous Media Partners:

Identity & Messaging 

Before we share your story, let’s create your new message together. What is your brand & personal identity? What do you want the media to say about you? What results have you created to prove that? 

This is the opportunity to build your highest identity before we  have the press share your message with the world. Much like a book, this is the fastest way to shift your position in the marketplace.

Writing & Media Pitching

Our team of best-selling writers begin writing press releases, story pitches and articles based on your message. Our goal is to tell a story so compelling; journalists will write want to write about you. 

Every article is reviewed and approved by you prior to publishing. We also have hundreds of journalist relationships to guarantee placements every month.

Approval & Media Placements

Once your articles are approved and we hear back from our publishing partners, you get final say before your articles go live. You will know what publication is featuring you and the story that is being published. 

You are in control of the message being shared with the world. We have hundreds of publishing partners which allows us to guarantee placements each month.

Amplification & Positioning

Your articles are now LIVE! It isn’t 1995, don’t just expect clients to start calling. Let's be proactive with your media strategy to ensure others hear about your story & while creating new opportunities for your brand. 

Share your press via social channels, email lists, websites & leverage your press. Remember, great press is a platform to position you as an expert & help you reach your big, new identity goals. Your press strategy should be targeted towards your original goals to measure our success. 

Most media fails. Most press is paid for & fails beyond the vanity metrics. Many don't have outreach strategies or earned media relationships. Most don't have a plan or goal at all.

Start by understanding if your media campaign is for your reputation, search presence, to drive sales, announce a new product or share a great story about your brand. Create a pitch & message targeted to those goals so we can measure success together. 

Press is the most powerful way to launch a new brand by partnering with the most credible media publications  in the world.

Our Media Pitching Process:

What's Next Once Your Press Is Live?

Share Your Story Through The Media

Theres Over $60 Billion Spent On PR Each Year

Publishing your story in the press positions you as the leading expert in your industry. When people search your name, the biggest outlets in the world will be sharing the message you want them to hear. You can tell your story instead of letting others tell it for you. Press positions you with the highest identity path for yourself, while building the platform for you to create bigger opportunities. 

Clients have leveraged our press to get featured in the top publications in the world. They have gone on to become Forbes Instructors. They have launched 7-figure brands and started Masterminds. They have spoken on the biggest stages, created podcasts, and appeared on television networks. Press is the perfect vehicle to become the leader in your industry. 

Everyone has a story to tell. When you tell your story to the media and the press shares it with the world, others want to be part of your journey. This is the path to your highest identity, and it starts as soon as you decide to tell your story. Are you ready?

Get Featured In Press



Get Featured In Press

Get Featured In Press

Get Featured In Press

Get Featured In Press

Get Featured In Press

Everyone Has A Story 

A Great Story Is Not Enough...





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