Since 2017, The Jones Agency has helped launch and scale over 50+ Top 10 podcasts. After working with the largest audio media companies & brands in the world, our focus is helping entrepreneurs, creators and brands launch top 100 Shows. 

Most podcasts are a waste of time & fail to attract the guests they want. They do a few interviews with friends and family, then eventually burn out. Maybe they land a great guest and get some momentum, but the show never becomes profitable. 

Many people focus on the wrong metrics and never make $1 from their show. When you align your personal brand with your business goals, you can launch a top 100 show & 9-figure vehicle through the power of podcasting through content, connections & community.

Launch My Top 100 Show

A Few Previous Podcasts:



Interviews & Content


Launch & Promote

It's Showtime! Make sure you have a launch strategy. Similar to a movie trailer, you are launching your new brand to the world. Be visible on all listener & social platforms. Email your lists, tag your guests and encourage them to share the clips on episode launch day. 

Your goal is to build your listener audience by asking them to subscribe, rate, review and share the show. Consider running a few giveaways or Go Live to engage your audience. We guarantee that all of our clients hit the top 100 within the first 60 days of launching.


Build Audience & Leverage 

Now is where the real work begins. Remember, your show is your brand vehicle. Don’t focus on downloads, focus on leveraging your show to create real results for your life and business. 

Build relationships with each guest & nurture opportunities. If you have positioned yourself correctly, these will be highly successful people that you want to stay connected with. Leverage your show to build great relationships, while filming unlimited content and building a lifelong community. 


Network & Create


Our Podcast Launch Process:

How do you plan on using your platform to reach potential guests, listeners & customers? This is not an auto-pilot passive income strategy. You should actively be creating new opportunities now that you have a valuable platform. Whether thats a future guest or potential client, think creatively how your show positioning & network can benefit your personal brand or business.  

If you are on the top charts, or have great press, include those when outreaching to new guests. Want to meet a potential client or A List? Invite them to be on your podcast & build a real relationship.

What's next once your show is live?

Everyone Has A Story

Your Show Is Just The Beginning

Your top 100 podcast is your media brand & vehicle to create content, relationships & new opportunities. Invite influential people to appear on your show or do episode swaps and guest appear on other shows. Consider investing to create new exposure and leads to keep your podcast growing. Profitability is key to a shows longevity.

Leverage your positioning as an industry expert to drive new revenue opportunities through Ads, website traffic, social media channels to get yourself into the right rooms. Your podcast is also an opportunity to showcase your talents as a speaker & interviewer. If your goal is to speak on more stages, a podcast is a great way to get your name into the marketplace. Our podcast partners have gone on to be syndicated by iHeartRadio, Success Magazine, AdWeek & many more.

What do we do?

We leverage our knowledge of podcast SEO & show marketing to guarantee your show will hit the top 100 or your money back guaranteed. Our viral audience, studio filming, HQ content team, network of shows, lists and premium guests creates a full-service experience for our show partners. You don’t have to be a celebrity or an influencer to follow the same path.

A Few Current Shows:

Branding & Positioning

Why is your show worth watching? Why is it worth it to be a guest on your show?

If the Today show called and said “We want you to be on the show,” you would be on the plane that night. Why? Because everyone knows it is a valuable & potentially life changing platform. Position your brand and your show to be a must for viewers and guests. 

How? Trailer, Cover Art, Press, Headline Guests, Personal Brand Presence

Don’t launch a podcast, launch a show! The market is oversaturated with repetitive zoom interviews. Film in studio if possible & create high quality storytelling content that connects with your audience. Content is more in-demand than ever. Have authentic and audience-value driven conversations. Create great assets & clips that your guests will be excited to share. Collaboration & cross promotion are critical for show growth. 

How? Outreach Team, Guest Bookings, Guest Appearances (other shows), Studio Production, Editing, Content Creation & Social Media Team

Launch My Top 100 Show

Launch My Top 100 Show

Launch My Top 100 Show

Launch My Top 100 Show



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