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Combine the power of publishing your book with a podcast or press to build your audience and amplify your brand.

For anyone who has the courage to tell their story, we have the vehicles & platform to share that story with the world. We are passionate about helping creators tell their story through top ranked podcasts, best-selling books and the biggest media outlets in the world. 

When you follow a proven path and combine it with a strong identity, you become the leader of your industry. 

We have spent years advising the most successful entrepreneurs, athletes, celebrities, and CEOs on how to develop powerful brand identities. The Jones Agency specializes in connecting the power of digital media & Best-Selling books to create impactful real-life experiences and brand movements.

A Few Previous Podcast Clients:

Here Is Our Story...

By helping others, you write your NEXT story

There is a path to getting in the right rooms, with the right people, to create the right opportunities and none of that is on accident. Learn how to position yourself, your message and your new identity so that you can tell your own story. Remember, always tell your own story or others will tell it for you.

Are you ready to tell your story?

A Few Previous Media Partners:

Everyone Has A Story



Carson Jones is best known for his groundbreaking work in podcasting, book publishing & brand storytelling. Carson advised iHeartMedia as they became the largest podcast network in the world. He has launched or promoted over 50 top 10 Podcasts. 

In 2019, Carson published his first book “Subscribe, Rate & Review.” The book quickly became an Amazon Best-Seller. His books success led Carson to co-founding a publishing company where he has written and published 25+ Best-Selling Books. 

From that vision, The Jones Agency was founded for passionate leaders & creators looking to create their next identity brand through Best-Selling books, Top 100 Podcasts & Featured Press. 

We believe that everyone has a story that can help millions. When you step into your power & tell your story, you help others become their own hero. There is proven path to becoming an authority & leader in any industry. 

A Great Story Is Not Enough...

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Launch My Podcast

Launch My Podcast


Founder of Elevator Studio & 

100M Mastermind


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Fortune 500 Consultant 


Sold $1 Billion Company & 

$750 Million Real Estate 


Founder of Snap Fitness &

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Founder of Millionaire Matchmaker &

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Founder of Zappos.com &

Web 3 Founder

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